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The purpose of dermal fillers is to replenish volume in areas of the face that are folded, wrinkled, flattened or sagging. Revolumising can address these issues by lifting and enhancing the shape of your face. The benefits are a reversal of the age process and a rejuvenating look.

Dermal fillers are a non-surgical procedure. The process involves small injections of hyaluronic acid gel, a natural sugar found in our skin. As we age we produce less of this substance and need help to tighten our skin and maintain a youthful appearance.

As in our anti wrinkle treatments, our staff aim for a subtle improvement with our dermal fillers. A few small adjustments can create a stunning and natural-looking effect that takes years off your appearance.

The thickness of the gel varies, and is used for different purposes. The right treatment for you also depends on the area being treated and the amount of volume to be restored. At Newcastle Cosmetic Doctor we will create a unique treatment plan to meet your expectations and optimise your results. Often fillers will be combined with anti – wrinkle treatments to achieve subtle and natural changes. Our most popular filler treatment is lip augmentation. Lip fillers can be used to add definition to your vermilion. Other services we provide also include skin tightening and resurfacing.

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For more information on our lip fillers and dermal filler treatments, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our clinic, Newcastle Cosmetic Doctor, on 1300 282 410. We are proud to be one of the most respected cosmetic clinics in the Hunter Region, providing exceptional service to people from afar afield as Maitland and down the Central Coast.

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